3 reasons why I utilise cupping therapy during treatments…

3 reasons why I utilise cupping therapy during treatments…

1 – It works really well for tender or stubborn areas 

Some clients specifically request cupping therapy and for some I recommend it before or during treatment. 

If a client is in a lot of pain or has an excessively ‘tight’ area, the tissues are less likely to respond to an excessive downward pressure. If the body is resisting against pressure, this defeats the whole purpose of the treatment and can leave the client feeling worse. 

By applying the cups, we can increase blood flow and stimulate healing in the tissues without stressing out the system. 

2 – It allows the client to be actively involved in the treatment 

95% of the time I will add in active movement once the cups are applied. 

Firstly, movement encourages an increased blood flow whilst the cups are applied and can enhance the outcome. 

Secondly, it provides an opportunity for me to show clients gentle movements they can do at home, as well as being able to analyse certain movement patterns, imbalances, dysfunction etc. to aid treatment planning and aftercare advice. 

3 – It is more time efficient 

Often clients will have multiple areas that require attention. Sometimes it can take a long time to get a response from the tissues meaning that there isn’t enough time to address other areas. 

With cupping therapy, the cups can be applied to warm up/prepare the tissues whilst another area is being treated. 

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