Benefits of a Strong Core

Benefits of a Strong Core

Regardless of your exercise of choice or if you even exercise at all, a strong core should be at the top of your priority list. 

Just to be clear, core strength has nothing to do with ‘having (visible) abs’. Having a ripped six pack is down to body fat percentage, diet and genetics. Of course well trained abdominal muscles may present fuller and more defined on a leaner individual. 

Now that we’ve cleared that up, here are 3 reasons why you should start focusing on a rock solid core:

1 – Improved posture

Your core muscles consist of the deep abdominal muscles and the muscles surrounding and supporting your pelvis and lower back. These muscles are the foundations for your posture and just like a house; weak foundations won’t support the main structure! 

2 – Reduced risk of injury 

Now you know which muscles support your body, think about what happens when you sit down for prolonged periods of time. All of these key muscles become less active or completely disengaged. Underused or less efficient muscles can create imbalances in opposing muscles as some become short and tight and others become long and weak. Think tight hips and weak glutes! Strong core muscles and more importantly being aware of when these muscles are engaged will help to prevent muscular imbalances which lead to injuries. 

3 – Enhanced performance 

Stronger muscles won’t fatigue as quickly during exercise and having strong foundations will improve movement efficiency. More efficient movement patterns will make it easier to perform certain tasks and if a movement or exercise is easier to perform and you don’t fatigue as quickly .. your performance will improve! 

To build a rock solid core, regularly incorporate exercises that focus on building strength and muscular endurance in your lower back and deep abdominal muscles – if you’re unsure where to start – Pilates is a great workout that centres around core strength and postural stability. 

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