Does an exercise need to be performed perfectly to be effective?

Does an exercise need to be performed perfectly to be effective?

Exercise form and technique is something that gets a lot of attention in the fitness world, but is it being over emphasised? 

There is no one single way to perform an exercise.

Form i.e posture/positioning of body parts can make the movement pattern more or less efficient (use more or less energy) … 

However, this will depend on your individual anatomy and what’s better for you won’t be better for someone else. 

Your form can also be altered to target specific muscle groups. 

Take a lunge for example. A forward lean will emphasise glute recruitment. An upright 90/90 position will be more quads. 

Neither is right or wrong, they just serve a different purpose. 

A squat and deadlift will look different on a person with long levers vs short. 

Some will favour a wider stance and some narrower. 

Where form matters in terms of efficacy of a movement is being able to recruit the right muscle groups. 

For example, many people feel deadlifts, glute bridges and hip thrusts in the lower back and nothing in the glutes. 

A simple tweak of form/technique (and some activation/visualisation) is normally all it takes to improve this (plus lots of repetition). 

Ps. The answer to activating muscles definitely isn’t wearing a loop band!  

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