Fixing the Squat

Fixing the Squat

The one coaching cue that frustrates me the most (especially as I get told it all the time) is ‘knees out’.

If someone’s knees come in when they squat – 99% of the time, the knees aren’t the problem and forcing the knees out isn’t the solution.

There are multiple reasons why someone’s knees cave in when they squat and the only way to fix this is to find the root cause and work from there.

It’s common to blame glute activation (lack of) for any issues with squat mechanics but how often are the feet or ankles addressed?

If your knees cave in when you squat, try filming yourself performing an air-squat in bare feet… you may be surprised by what you see!

Movement assessment is critical for not only progression but injury prevention. You won’t always be able to identify what’s wrong but often filming yourself training can highlight inefficient movement patterns and give you a starting point for correction.

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