How Pilates complements other sports and exercises 

How Pilates complements other sports and exercises 

Pilates is a great all round workout but it is also a fantastic add on to your existing exercise.  

There is a large emphasis on core strength and stability which transfers over to many different sports and exercises, as does the focus on breathing, control, balance and coordination. 


‘Crossfitters’ are normally very aware that they need to improve mobility/flexibility but often overlook the critical element of stability. 

How does Pilates complement crossfit training? 

Weightlifting – We can often get away with brute strength but under fatigue, a lack of control and stability will inevitably lead to injury. A strong and stable core and improved movement patterns will enable you to lift more and improved balance and coordination will aid technique in the Olympic lifts. 

Gymnastics – think pull ups, handstand push ups, pistol squats, any kipping movement – the prerequisite is shoulder, hip and core strength and stability. 

Pilates could be the missing link to getting your next PB!


If you pound the pavements and do nothing else – you are putting yourself at risk of injury. 

Just because you are a runner, doesn’t mean you don’t need strength or stability. 

Knee pain is common in runners due to lack of hip strength and stability. 

Poor posture can inhibit breathing during running and lack of shoulder strength and stability can lead to shoulder pain in runners. 

Pilates can fix these things! 


Training for aesthetics? Strength and stability is still important! 

High reps and fighting for that last rep often means that form breaks down. It’s also tempting to ‘cheat’ reps and use the whole body rather than isolating the muscles you’re supposed to be training.   

Pilates will teach you to move with control and builds a better ‘mind muscle’ connection so you can get more out of your workouts. 

Plus – reduced muscular imbalances, a strong/stable core and improved posture will enhance the way your body looks. 


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