Postnatal Pilates Norwich

Postnatal Pilates

Postnatal Pilates class, Cringleford Pavillion, Norwich  Tuesday’s 10:45am. 

This Pilates class is suitable for new mums from 6 weeks post-birth (subject to GP clearance). Bring your baby along from newborn to crawling.  

Taking into consideration the changes your body goes through during (and after) pregnancy as well as the impact your new lifestyle has on your joints and muscles, these classes are specifically designed to enhance your postnatal journey. 

There is no upper limit to how many weeks after birth you can attend these classes, however you will only be able to bring your little one up until they are on the move.  

How will these Postnatal Pilates fitness classes help you after pregnancy? 

Strengthen the pelvic floor and core muscles. 

Aid repair of diastasis recti (abdominal separation) if applicable. 

Relieve aches and pains associated with your new routine e.g. feeding, carrying etc. 

Gentle full body workout that will leave you feeling energised! 

Release endorphins (happy hormones) and reduce stress. 

An opportunity to meet other new mums in the area

Class Information

You are more than welcome to bring your baby along or if you’d prefer to get childcare and attend the session alone, that’s also fine. 

Your baby won’t be involved in the exercises. 

Please bring a car seat, blanket or bouncer. 

Babies are welcome from 6 weeks to crawling. 

If your crawling baby would be happy to sit in a bouncer during the session they would also be fine to attend.  *you must supply the bouncer.

You can attend classes from 6 weeks postpartum (subject to GP approval to exercise). 

There is no limit to how long after giving birth you can attend these classes. Even if you have toddler and feel that you need some exercise specific to your postnatal recovery these classes would be suitable for you.*

*However you will only be able to bring along your little one up until they are on the move. 

Pilates classes take place in Norwich at Cringleford Pavillion in Cringleford. The space is light and spacious offering the perfect environment for group Pilates Classes. 

Classes are capped at 10 attendees to ensure that you get the best possible experience and high quality tuition. 

Tuesday mornings 10:45am – 11:30am.

Classes typically run in blocks in line with school terms however this may vary. Please note the below dates are subject to change. 

Block 1: 22nd Feb – 29th March 

Block 2: 26th April – 31st May 

Block 3: 7th June – 19th July 

Block 4: 6th September – 18th October 

Block 5: 1st Nov – 13th Dec 

When booking a full block of classes the price per class is discounted to £10.

Partial blocks will be charged at £12 per class.  

Classes are bookable in blocks and typically run in line with school terms. 

Due to the limited group size, you are required to book a full block to secure your place in classes. 

Unfortunately no refunds or discounts are available for missed sessions for any reason.  

If you are wanting to sign up once a block has already begun, you may be able to book a partial block however this will be subject to availability. 

If for any reason a class is cancelled by the instructor/venue, an additional make up date will be offered or credit will be issued for future bookings. 

Block dates listed are subject to change, therefore only one full block can be booked in advance. 

All class block payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.  

If for any reason a class is cancelled by the instructor/venue, an additional make up date will be offered or credit will be issued for future bookings. 

Pilates in general is wonderful for strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. Your pelvic floor forms part of your deep core muscles. During Pilates, we aim to activate the deep core muscles throughout exercises. During postnatal Pilates classes, there will be an additional focus on specific exercises to reduce pelvic floor weakness. 

After your 6 week postnatal check up with your healthcare provider, you should be cleared for exercise, unless you had some complications or a c-section, in which case it could be longer. 

I would thoroughly recommend speaking to a women’s health physiotherapist if you have any physical concerns about returning to exercise. You may benefit from a ‘Mummy MOT’ for a more in depth health check. Here’s some more info:

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