Reformer Foundations

Reformer Foundations Course

Heard about the many benefits of Reformer Pilates but never stepped foot on one? Maybe you’ve tried it in the past but want a refresher…

The reformer foundations course is the perfect opportunity to try out reformer pilates and discover what a great form of exercise it is.  

Over a 6 week period, you will attend 1:1 sessions and be introduced to the reformer and key exercises from beginner to intermediate level.

We will focus on learning to activate your core muscles to stabilise the pelvis and spine, as well as using the reformer for a full body workout and to improve flexibility. 

These sessions are heavily discounted and spaces are limited, so don’t miss out! 

how it works

Purchase the course package using the button below. 

Once purchased you will be provided with a ‘certificate code’. 

Use this code to book your appointments (please select the appointment ‘1:1 Reformer’ when booking). 

*Please check there are suitable appointment times available before purchasing this package. 

You may book more than one appointment in a week, but must book your 6 appointments within 6 weeks. 

** Please note there may not be the same appointment time available every week due to existing bookings. 

Your investment

The course is £150 for 6 x 1:1 sessions (just £25 per session).