Staying injury free during the Crossfit Open

Staying injury free during the Crossfit Open

There’s no better time to boost your motivation or hit a new pb than during the Crossfit Open, HOWEVER… pushing your body to it’s limit both physically and mentally in a competitive environment can be a recipe for disaster – Sacrificing form to move a bit quicker, lifting heavier so you can ‘RX’ a workout and repeatedly attempting a movement that your body isn’t ready for…  

With this in mind, here’s a few tips to help you stay injury free during the Open this year:

1) Warm up and cool down properly

As a rule of thumb, the shorter the workout (high intensity), the longer your warm up should be! Raise your heart rate, work your mobility and warm up the movements and required muscles before attempting the WOD.

And don’t forget to cool down!!

2) It’s ok to scale

Some weeks RX will be a breeze, some may be out of your comfort zone and others it’s just not physically possible.. And that’s ok! The whole concept of crossfit was that exercises can be scaled to suit the individual.

Just because you can’t do double unders or muscle ups, doesn’t mean that you’ve wasted your time on the other workouts. If the ‘RX’ weight is your one rep max (or close to), don’t try to RX the workout just because technically you can lift that weight. Lifting under fatigue is very different to attempting a 1RM or heavy single lift and this is where form breaks down.

3) Protect your back!

No not by wearing a belt – keep that core engaged! The Open calls for lifting under fatigue and high rep burpees. By focusing on keeping your core engaged throughout these workouts (rather than just moving as quickly as possible) you will have a better chance of preventing lower back pain.  

4) Now is not the time to get your first muscle up…

If you have the required strength and you’re really close, like super close to getting a muscle up then yeah, sure, go for it! If you’re not close or have never tried, now is probably not the time.

5) Have FUN!

Finally, don’t forget to have fun! Remember you’re not going to the games. If you miss a workout, scale or don’t do as well as someone else, who cares?! For the general public, for once, it’s actually all about taking part. Don’t take it too seriously. Don’t sacrifice form. And don’t risk an injury putting you out of action for months, for a few weeks of crossfit fun!

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