The difference between Pilates & Yoga (and why you need both)

The difference between Pilates & Yoga (and why you need both)

Depending on the class type and teacher you may notice similarities between Yoga and Pilates. Yoga has been around a lot longer and Pilates actually draws inspiration from Yoga. Both are low impact and can be modified to suit fitness levels and injuries. 

So what is the difference? 

Typically … 

Yoga focuses on flexibility and mobility 

Pilates focuses on strength and stability. 

That’s not to say that Yoga doesn’t include strength/stability work and Pilates doesn’t include flexibility or mobility work (because they do) but the key focus is different. 

Pilates exercises are centered around the core or ‘powerhouse’ and the principles/ fundamentals applied to exercises include a focus on alignment and moving with control. 

You need good flexibility and mobility to move well – enter Yoga… 

You need good strength and stability to move well within your new range of motion – Hi Pilates! 

Yoga and Pilates make the perfect pair! 


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