Three common misconceptions about sports massage

Three common misconceptions about sports massage

1. You need to actively participate in sports or exercise

Although it was originally developed to improve performance and treat sporting injuries, ultimately, Sports massage aims to combat the negative effects of repetitive actions and movements.

These repetitions can lead to muscular imbalances, which in turn lead to aches, pains, tension and injuries. It is therefore especially advantageous to anyone whose work routine involves repetitive activities e.g desk-based work and driving.

2. You need to have something ‘wrong’ with you

I have many clients who attend monthly maintenance sessions. Some have suffered from an injury in the past and want to prevent re-injury but most just want to keep their bodies functioning fully or combat the negative effects of inactivity.  

Everyone’s treatment will be completely different. There are techniques for treating and managing injuries as well as techniques to relieve tension and stress.  

3. It’s painful

Everyone is different and has different pain thresholds but there is a difference between being in pain and being uncomfortable.

Sports massage is likely to be uncomfortable at times and yes some people may experience ‘pain’ at times dependent on existing injuries and tenderness but this is where communication is critical with your therapist.

The worst thing you can do during a sports massage is grit your teeth and tense your muscles if you find something painful (it works against the treatment)!

If the pressure is too much or not enough, let them know! You will get greater benefits from your treatments that way.

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